Logic Model

A collaborative, integrative approach in research, development, education, and extension

Problem Statement: Lack of improved cultivars and knowledge of genetics, economic return, and silvicultural practices hinders reforestation of degraded land with native tropical hardwood species.

Rationale: Improved cultivars and silvicultural methods will improve value, yield, and planting success thereby making reforestation with native species more attractive.


  • Steering committee members
  • Professional researchers and university faculty
  • Undergraduate and graduate students
  • Input from a wide range of experts
  • Landowners and managers


  • Research on tree improvement genetics and silviculture
  • Extension events and create extension products
  • Coordinate and facilitate research with partners and other groups
  • Regular meetings of steering committee and all partners


  • Improved seeds and seedlings
  • Seed zone maps
  • Nursery and silvicultural guidelines
  • Website, newsletter, brochures, reports, presentations and publications
  • Coordinated research, extension, and management


  • Greater recognition of the importance of genetic selection for desired traits
  • Greater knowledge of koa genetics and heritability (abiotic and biotic stress tolerance, form, wood quality)
  • Better knowledge of the best practices for nursery production and silviculture


  • Greater demand for and use of improved varieties
  • Widespread application of best management practices for nurseries and silviculture


  • More land planted with improved trees and managed using best practices
  • Sustainable production and increased values of forest products
  • Enhanced cultural connections
  • More trees produced of improved varieties
  • Greater survival, growth, form and value of planted trees